Agenda and Funding Request Resources

Agenda Requests

Anyone wishing to address the ASG or give a presentation at a Senate meeting must complete and submit an ASG Agenda Request Form. All agenda requests are placed on an agenda at the discretion of the Chair. Agenda requests should be submitted by the dates specified on the ASG Agenda Matrix; however, submitting requests by the deadline does not ensure that the item will be placed on the specified agenda. Requesters will be notified once their requests are received and the item(s) have been placed on an agenda. The Chair will notify requesters in the event that their request cannot be put on the agenda for the date specified on the request.

Funding Requests

Any campus department, club, or community organization may request funding from the ASG. To request funding from the ASG, requesters must first submit an ASG Funding Application to the ASG Finance Committee. After reviewing the application, one of the committee members will sponsor the request and create a spending bill for the expenditure. The Vice President of Finance will submit the completed spending bill to the ASG President who will then place the bill on an agenda for the Student Senate to discuss and take action on the request.

The Finance Committee will notify the requester(s) when the spending bill has been placed on an agenda at which time (per ASG Bylaws, Article IV., Section B, 7) the requester must appear before the Student Senate to give a presentation about the spending bill. If the requester is unable to present on the date the item is placed on an agenda, the item will be placed on a future agenda at the discretion of the Chair.

Resources for Requesters

Finance Committee Resources

Accessing Approved Funds

After a spending bill has been approved, we ask that all requesters work with the Student Activities Office Staff and follow the procedures to access the funds in a timely manner.