2015 Classification Review Committee Election

Candidate Statements

Candidates | Description and Duties


Debby Adler
Administrative Secretary
Academic Senate
Oceanside Campus

This is my 11th year at MiraCosta College and I currently serve as Administrative Secretary for Academic Senate, as well as, PDP, SLC, and SAC. During the day, I make my home on the Oceanside Campus in the 4600 building.

I am, once again, honored to have been nominated for a position on the Classification Review Committee (CRC). I have actually served on CRC in the past and I know what an important function this committee has to serve our classified constituents. I would love to be a part of the committee and help the process continue and be a representative for my colleagues!

I appreciate and thank you for your vote!


Jim Beckman
Police Officer
Campus Police
Oceanside Campus

Hello my fellow classified senate members. Thank you for the nomination to be on the classified review committee. I have been at MiraCosta College since 1995 as a police officer. I am well versed on the intricacies of MiraCosta having worked at all three campuses over the years. During my tenure here I have been through two job reclassifications and was very involved in the second one, so I know how they work and what is required to get positive results. I am currently on the classified negotiations committee and with the upcoming compensation/salary survey see no problem serving on both committees. I am willing to voice my opinion and support classified employees needs whenever necessary. Thank you for your support.


Karen Brown
Network Specialist
Academic Information Services
Oceanside Campus

Hello! I’m Karen Brown. I work as a Network Specialist in AIS and have been with MiraCosta since 1994. During this time, I’ve been active in collegial governance, sometimes as a member of the Classified Senate Council, other times as a committee member, and always as a voice offering my input. I’ve served as a Senator, as a member of CRC, as a member of the Outstanding Employee committee, and led the Holiday Party planning for the 2005 party which, btw, I thought was one of the really good ones.
: - )

When I served on CRC previously, I realized how crucial the work done by the CRC is to Classified. In my mind, CRC is one of the most important representations Classified have related to governance. For that reason, I took it very seriously and thoughtfully considered each case with great care. If I am chosen to serve in that capacity again, please know I will bring high standards to the work I do on the committee.


Tina Helmstreit
Counseling Secretary
Oceanside Campus

Hi MiraCosta, thank you for the nomination for CRC. My name is Tina Helmstreit and I am the Counseling Secretary at the Oceanside campus. I started working at MiraCosta as a Campus Aide III back in 2013 and worked in Admissions, Testing Services, the Writing Center, and now Counseling as a permanent employee. I have worked at the Oceanside and San Elijo campuses, contributed to numerous hiring committees, and I currently serve as a Classified Member of the Student Equity Committee. I completed two associates degrees at MCC before recently transferring to CSU Fullerton where I am working on a BA in Sociology. I was temporarily re-classified last spring and understand the important work that is handled by the CRC. I am excited for the opportunity to serve and represent our staff on the Classification Review Committee and learn more about our collegial governance. Thank you.


Thanh Lai
Fixed Asset and Administrative Services Specialist
Purchasing and Material Management
Oceanside Campus

I’m a normal average citizen, and I’m not a politician, therefore, I’ll not be pressured by lobbyists; and I always be true to myself, hence, I’ll not be persuaded or influenced by other forces, and I’m not rich (as opposed to Donald Trump). If I’m elected to serve you in the CRC, I’ll try my best ability and dedication to fulfill my duties in a fair objective manner; as well as seeking improvement to make our process to be more efficient and accurate for all of our classified employees. Thanks for your votes and support!


Lori Schneider
Administrative Secretary
Oceanside Campus

Hello, my name is Lori Schneider, and I am the Administrative Secretary to the Dean of AIS. I have worked at the College since 1992. It is an honor to have been nominated by my Classified constituents to serve on the Classification Review Committee (CRC). I have served on this committee before as both a member and committee chair and it would be a privilege to once again serve on your behalf.

I believe that my past experience and knowledge on this committee can now be best utilized. In a time when everyone is being asked to do more with less, it is important that guidelines, policies and procedures for how this occurs is followed and adhered to. I have always been a proponent of shared governance and the collegial process especially with matters and issues that affect Classified. I believe that I can bring a well rounded understanding and perspective to the committee and would be honored to do so.

If selected, I will endeavor to continue to support and serve all Classified employees to the best of my ability.

Thank you for your consideration.