Positions Affected by Reorganization

Classified Senate Employee Manual H.1.5 Procedure for Job Descriptions Changes Due to Reorganization

If during reorganization an employee's duties and responsibilities change substantially, the employee and his/her supervisor(s) will work together with the Director of Human Resources to update his/her job description to accurately reflect the new/modified duties and responsibilities.

When the employee undertakes the additional duties and responsibilities, he/she should receive written instructions from his/her supervisor stating the expectations and the job's essential functions.

Thirty (30) working days from the first day in which the employee begins performing the new tasks, the job description must be updated by the supervisor and submitted to the Director of Human Resources for review and submission to CRC, if necessary.

CRC will evaluate the updated job description based on the job-point plan system, assign the appropriate points, and recommend a salary range. If an increase in range is approved, the salary increase will be made retroactive to the first day the employee began performing the new duties.

After the employee has performed the duties of the modified position for one year, he/she is eligible to submit a request for reclassification, if warranted.