Governance Organization Evaluation Process

Recognizing the importance of continual improvement and maintaining the vibrancy and currency of the governance process in the MiraCosta Community College District, the following annual evaluation process was recommended by the Governance Organization Committee and approved by the Academic and Classified Senate Councils, Administrative Council, and the Associated Student Government for implementation in 2011–2012 and thereafter.

October of each year

An evaluation instrument (survey) is employed to measure the effectiveness of the Governance Organization in reaching its twelve original goals. The survey is electronically administered anonymously to all constituents, including associate faculty, full-time faculty, all administrators, all classified staff members, and student leaders of the ASG.

February of each year

A specific evaluation instrument (survey) to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of individual governance committees is administered within each of the five governance committees to all members (faculty, classified staff, administrators, and students). This is followed by a discussion of the survey results within the committee and a written report summarizing the survey and discussion, and suggesting any changes to committee structure and function that are deemed necessary to increase the effectiveness of each governance committee.

Throughout the year

The Steering Council receives any requests for new governance committees or changes to the status or structure of existing governance organization committees, and automatically routes these to the GO Committee.

March of each year

The GO Committee is appointed and assembled for a single meeting to review the survey results, specific governance committee recommendations, and requests for new governance committees or changes to the status of existing governance committees. The GO Committee then recommends any minor changes or a strategy for consideration of more significant changes, and any further meetings of the GO Committee that will be required in March and April if more significant changes are proposed.

Changes based on evaluation process

Any changes proposed are forwarded to all four councils for approval by the end of May and implementation the following fall.