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  • BUS 131, Management Principles
  • BUS 137, Customer Service
  • BUS 140, Legal Environment of Business
  • BS, California State University, San Marcos
  • MS, University of LaVerne
  • OFFICE: Room 4810, Oceanside Campus
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Christina Hata
BUS 140 Class

Christina Hata’s professional and educational experience has enabled her to develop an understanding of organizational infrastructure.  Christina’s work experience includes fifteen years in the aviation industry working for various organizations, holding positions ranging from customer service to accounting and management.  In 2003, she started her consulting company, Sharp Organizational Solutions an organizational development firm specializing in employee survey research, training and development.  Christina has also presented to business leaders of all backgrounds at national and international conferences. She previously taught statistics, management, and research to graduate students at the University of La Verne.

Christina’s educational journey began at Mira Costa, where she took general education courses before transferring to California State University, San Marcos.  At CSUSM she obtained her undergraduate degree in Business Administration.  She completed her graduate studies in Leadership and Management at the University of La Verne. 

Her book, Organizational Toxicology: Learning to Understand Toxic Managers in the Workplace and Developing Strategies for Change is a work in progress. 


BUS 130 Small Business Management
BUS 131 Management Principles


BUS 130:1144 Spring 2015 (OCS)
BUS 130:1147/2256/3337 Spring 2015 (online)
BUS 131:1148 Spring 2015 (online)
BUS 140:1154 Spring 2015 (OCS)

BUS 130:1256 Spring 2014
BUS 130:1259/2608 Spring 2014 (online)
BUS 131:1260 Spring 2014 (online)
BUS 140:1267 Spring 2014
BUS 140H:2448 Spring 2014


BUS 137 Pt1 Pt2
BUS 140 Pt1 Pt2

BUS 130 Guest Speaker Erin Carpenter (4-29-13)
Digital Marketing: PPt PDF Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4 Pt5 Pt6
BUS 130 Guest Speaker Denise Stephenson (9-4-13)
Kickstarter: Pt1 Pt2 Pt3

BUS 140 Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):


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BUS 130 Accounting Presentations:

Accounting Basics (2-27-12):
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Merchandising, COGS, Salsaholics Case(2-29-12):
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Depreciation, Breakeven Analysis (3-5-12):
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Sales Forecasting (3-7-12):
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