LisaI teach history at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California. I've been here since 1989, and teaching both on-site and online for the past decade. I currently direct our Program for Online Teaching, which helps online instructors focus on translating their pedagogical strengths into an online environment.

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Student Reviews

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I've never taken an online class that engages everyone the way this one did."

Lindsay Lambson, History 111, Spring 2014 student

"[This class has] given me a new appreciation for the online format."

Miles Stanley, History 105, Fall 2012 student

"I am really enjoying the format and materials presented and this is directly related to my success. Your class I set up in a way that allows students to contribute a great deal to our own learning outcomes and I like that. We are not only learning about each era and fundamental theme of that era but we are also able to pursue what interests us in history. It is very cool to have the freedom to dictate our own instruction and I feel that I have been responding well to the liberty."

John Pool Jr., History 104, Fall 2012 student

"It's great getting to search for my own primary sources and get to find my own interests in them and share them with the class."

Jackie Clark, History 111, Spring 2012 student

"Lisa Lane is that rare combination of a teacher that both knows the material and knows how to teach. She gives constant feedback on your performance, allowing you to successfully challenge yourself. I would highly recommend this class."

-- Spring 2012 student at RateMyProfessors.com

"This type of class environment fosters a learning experience unlike that held in an actual classroom. The versatility and flexibility to access the material when and wherever convenient, with the rich content and lecture components, truly makes this a superior learning platform which students are able to thrive from."

-- Cory Wilkinson, History 111, Spring 2011 student

"I have gotten more out of this history class than any other and know it is because of your teaching style. Themes help history make sense and because of that I am more motivated to keep learning and developing ideas. Each week I log in several times and am working hard because I don't feel like I am going to learn and then forget once class is over. =)"

-- Candace Sisson, History 111, Spring 2011 student

"It has been a real eye-opening semester and I'm thankful you teach this class in the way you do, since most of the history classes I have taken before just emphasize historical facts and events and fail to make the broad connections you encourage this class to make!"

-- Laura C, Fall 2010 student

"This class has taught me to think critically which has helped me in my other classes."

-- Megan Gonzalez, Fall 2010 student

"I am amazed at how well an on-line class can work with student participation, access to professor, lecture and reading materials. It is a well oiled tool of learning."

-- Terri Petre, Spring 2010 student

"I entered this class with a fear of having to memorize dates but emerged from it with a new understanding of what it means to study history."

-- Juan Orozco, Fall 2009 student