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  • KINESIOLOGY Instructor
  • BS (Kinesiology) California State University Northridge
  • MS (Kinesiology) California State University Northridge
  • PhD (ABD) NorthCentral University
  • OFFICE: Room 4811, Oceanside Campus
  • TEL: (760) 757-2121, ext. 6423
  • FAX: (760) 795-6770
  • EMAIL:
Robert Fulbright
Excited Students

Robert Fulbright has spent nearly his entire life pursuing and teaching physical fitness. “I have been physically active since I could walk,” he says.  “At age 16 I received my first black belt from Chuck Norris.”

Robert, now a seventh degree black-belt, is the 1988 World Karate Champion and was on the 1992 Olympic Tae Kwon Do team.  He holds a master’s degree in kinesiology/exercise physiology from Cal State University, Northridge and a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from CSU Northridge.  Robert also attended West Point Military Academy, where he competed on the wrestling team.  He is currently completing his PhD in Educational Technology Management and Online Learning at NorthCentral University.

Before teaching at MiraCosta College, Robert was a professor in the kinesiology departments at California State University, Northridge and most recently San Diego Miramar College where he taught a variety of theory and activity classes.  He also has experience coaching soccer at the collegiate level and creating new curriculum and certification programs. 

Besides teaching a variety of kinesiology, health and nutrition courses at MiraCosta, Robert is also overseeing MiraCosta’s Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Program, Yoga Certification Program, and Massage Therapy Certification Program.  He is certfied with the American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Robert also plans to add jiu-jitsu, wrestling, fitness walking, skateboarding, surfing, and mountain biking to the kinesiology activity class curriculum in the future.

"I have dedicated my whole life to health and fitness,” he says.  “I’m really excited to be here at MiraCosta College and help build the Kinesiology, Health and Nutrition Program. The sky is the limit!” 

Spring 2011 Office Hours:

T & TH 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Spring 2011 Teaching Schedule:

KINE160: Taekwondo, Section 1633, T/TH 9:30-10:45 a.m. (gym)
KINE100: Functional Resistance Training, Section 1615, T/TH 11:00-12:15 p.m. (OC5004 upper gym)
KINE190 Introduction to Kinesiology, Section 1636, Online
KINE204 Techniques and Analysis of Fitness and Weight Training, Section 2748, Online
KINE210 Exercise Prescriptions for Special Populations, Section 1642, Online


KINE160: Taekwondo
KINE100: Functional Resistance Training
KINE190 Introduction to Kinesiology
KINE204 Techniques and Analysis of Fitness and Weight Training
KINE210 Exercise Prescriptions for Special Populations


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