Internet Resources


Here are some new Internet Resources. I am so greatful to OTAN's newly formed Technology Mentor Network for most of these great sites.

Otan Lesson Planner

Remember you have to register to use OTAN, but you do not need a password. It is very worthwhile because the teacher resources are getting better and better. Once you are at OTAN, click on "Otan for Teachers." On the left side of the page, click on "The Lesson Plan Builder". This wonderful new application allows you to create lessons, save them online or on your computer as a PDF document, and then print or email them to a colleague. It even has a link to the Rubistar website so you can create the appropriate rubric for the assessment you design. While you are exploring teacher resources, be sure to check out English as a Second Language/Citizenship/EL Civics lessons. Our mini-grant lessons designed by Lynn Morgan, Suzanne Woodward, Debbie Hanley, Del Zimmerman and Jayne Bernasconi are there!

ESOL Main Street

This is a fun interactive website developed by a partnership of the Virginia Department of Education, James Madison University and the Workforce Improvement Project. It's billed as a free, web-based tool kit to enhance English language instruction. It is suitable for beginning level students. There are vocabulary, conversational, grammar and computer skills activities.

ESL Breaking News

Sean Banville is posting a current events story daily and creating easier and harder activities for the story. It's free and not copyrighted. He wants other websites to link to this site to increase the website visability.

Grammar and Writing Websites:

Language/Grammar Lessons

The Florida State Department of Education supports this website with several language activities. All activities have built-in assessment activities.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

This site is sponsored by the Capital Community College foundation and provides grammar and writing activities for the word/sentence, paragragh, and essay level. There are also grammar quizzes and search engines. There are even appropriate Powerpoint presentations.

Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English

This site is most appropriate for advanced ESL students. The resources are endless, and there are several strategies for helping ESL students write for an academic English audience.

Compilations of ESL Resources:

Literacy Resources for ESOL

The state of Rhode Island has an extensive website of literacy resources. There are approximately 10 pages of ESL resources.

Literacy Links

The California Literacy Project maintains this impressive array of literacy resources.

Remember to share your favorite websites with me, and I’ll post them in the next issue of The Communicator.