Internet Resources

Here are some websites that Suzanne Woodward has been using successfully with her advanced ESL students.   Thanks for sharing Suzanne!
Great to find articles from large range of magazines on any topics.  The articles are of various lengths
Good very short personal stories about doing nice things for people
Good informative stories about holidays and weird news stories and urban legends.
Interesting short (1/4--1/2 page) stories about family traditions.  I usually access this through google  since the web address is so long.
Lots of grammar activities, especially on verb tenses, for all levels.  I usually get to this through Google  by using key words:  grammar tenses/ESL.  The name of the site is ESL blue(s).

Juan Juarez gave me an excellent INS link.
The INS provides links to sites that offer free Website translation services. The INS does not endorse any of the websites, but it is a great resource to quickly locate free translation services.

Kathleen Rippberger shared her favorite ESL quiz site.
This site features over 1,000 quizzes, exercises and puzzles.  They are grouped by difficulty, browser requirements, and bilingual features.

Do you have favorite websites?  Be sure to share them with me, and Iíll post them in the next issue of The Communicator.