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Technology Mentor Network

Under the leadership of Marian Teacher OTAN, there is a new Technology Mentor Network. The goal is to provide meaningful networking for adult educators and support the use of effective technology with students. Marian has created a temporary website to share some helpful teaching websites and resources. This summer the site will be updated and moved permanently to OTAN Teacher Resources.

Some of the websites I have described below may already appear on this website. Be sure to check out the extensive listening sites for ESL students.

TESOL Technology Workshops

There were several excellent technology workshops at TESOL in Long Beach. Marian and Donna Price-Machado sent out brief descriptions of some of their favorite workshops.

1) This link gives you an extensive resource for using technology to support skill-based activities.

2) There are several new course management systems that are free. If you only teach for MiraCosta College, then you have access to Blackboard and Web CT. However, if you teach at other adult schools and/or colleges too, you may want to explore the free sites. The two sites I have investigated recently are:

There is an excellent collection of resources by Leslie Opp-Beckman using Nicenet. Click on Nicenet. Then create a log-in and password. After you log-in, you will type the class key, 25ZZ33T77. Next click on "Link Sharing." It is definitely worth the extra effort to access this excellent resource.

3) There were several presentations involving online listening. Two favorite websites with good sound files are listed below.
National Public Radio archives almost everything.

The following link is a collection of links to several news and culture websites that have audio files. The links include the Kennedy archives and the New York Times audio books.

5 Minute English

Jessica Furhman shared information about this great sight. A Sacramento ESL teacher, Sheri Summers, has created 5 Minute English to give ESL students a little extra English practice. The site has over 150 short lessons. The lessons include grammar, dialogues, vocabulary, listening, reading, idioms and slang, pronunciation and writing skills.

Remember to share your favorite websites with me, and I’ll post them in the next issue of The Communicator.