Lesson Idea:  Celebrating Our Cultural Diversity

Debbie Hanley wanted a way to celebrate the cultural diversity of her class in a unique way and address multiple priority outcomes using project based instruction.  She asked classmates individually or in teams to create a Styrofoam depiction of their country/culture.  Here is the handout she gave students.

This session, because of the variety of cultures represented in our class, IÝve decided to create an opportunity for you to celebrate your culture while working on your English skills at the same time.  When your projects are finished,

´  You will be presenting them to the class in an informal question and answer session to practice your listening and speaking skills.

´  You will be writing a descriptive essay, highlighting the main points of your project.

You may work individually or in teams.  Each individual or team will receive a Styrofoam base.

Rules of the project:

´  You will decorate the base in any color you choose.

´  You can/should glue and decorate your piece with any dolls, pictures or whatever you can think of.  Invite your family and friends to provide ideas for the creation of your project.  If possible, please do not include your countryÝs name on the project.  It will be interesting to try to guess!
  Please put the finished project in a box to keep your project secure.

´  I will collect your projects on Monday, September 30th.

´  The projects will be judged on October 1st by instructors and staff for their creativity.  Certificates will be awarded to first, second and third places.

´  Your descriptive essay will be due the following Monday, October 7.

I know this will be unique and exciting opportunity to express yourself and your country through art and English.  Good Luck!