Multi-level Instruction

I was fortunate to observe two of the best multi-level lessons I have ever seen, and they were taught by our own instructors – Linda Carlon and Lynn Hawley.  I marveled at their systematic and well thought out lessons that fit into a weekly schedule of meaningful activities.  Students in both classes knew what was expected of them and were engaged and challenged.  I believe that multi-level instruction is extremely difficult.  You need to balance the needs of students who may never have attended school in their native countries with students who were  professionals. I am proud to feature some of Linda and Lynn’s lesson ideas.  Critical instructional support is provided by Alicia Woodson and Rosa Villegas

Linda Carlon's Multi-level Plan

Linda Carlon's Predicting Activity for Beginning Students

Lynn Hawley's Multi-level Plan

Lynn Hawley's Picture and Student Stories