Technology Policies

Associate Faculty Voicemail Policy

AIS will create a voicemail account for associate faculty upon receipt of a request to the MiraCosta College Employee Help Desk (submit request online) or via email ( including the instructor's full name, present email address, and telephone number for contact purposes. Associate faculty will be notified by automatic email from the Help Desk when the voicemail account has been created. To retrieve this information including the voicemail account number and temporary passcode, contact either your department chair, direct-report supervisor or the Employee Help Desk 760.795.6850.

After the voicemail account number and temporary password are retrieved, two resources are available: a quick guide for voicemail account access as well as an detailed comprehensive guide for access and use.

Voice mailboxes will be deleted if not accessed and initialized (set up with the personalized greeting, revised password, etc.) by the associate faculty member within two weeks after notification of account creation.

Each voicemail box will be limited to 15 megabytes of storage space which equates to approximately thirty (30) minutes of messages. Messages are retained for a maximum of thirty (30) days and will be automatically purged after thirty (30) days. Voicemail accounts not accessed for ninety (90) consecutive days may be deleted. Once a voicemail account exceeds the size limit, voicemail can neither be sent nor received. The account can still be logged into for reduction of the number of messages, thus reducing the size of the account and restoring the account's ability to send and receive messages.

Regarding email accounts for associate faculty, if an associate faculty member does not teach for two (2) consecutive semesters (excluding Summer intersession), the voicemail account is deleted. When a voicemail account is deleted, re-creation of the account may require the approval of the Dean, Academic Information Services and the new account may not have the same number as the deleted former mailbox.

MiraCosta College voicemail may be accessed by telephone or through the MiraCosta email system by computer (known as Unified Messaging.) By default, voicemail accounts will not be integrated with a user's email account unless requested; accounts may only be integrated with a MiraCosta College email account. Users are strongly encouraged not to integrate their voicemail and email accounts unless they have access to a high-speed Internet connection off campus (i.e., DSL, Cable Modem.)

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Associate Faculty Email Policy

The following guideline is used for Associate Faculty email accounts due to high volume of accounts which are created but never used:  Email older than 120 days (typically one semester excluding Summer Intersession) is automatically deleted from email accounts at 4 a.m. each Saturday. If an Associate Faculty member will be using their email account and would like to retain email older than 120 days, submit an online Help Desk request, including all other pertinent details along with a telephone number for contact.

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District Supported Email-Enabled Cell Phones

These standards are in support of Administrative Procedure 6450 and in no way determine eligibility.

Per Administrative Procedure 6450: Mobile Communication Devices and Cellular Phones, the Academic Information Services (AIS) department is responsible for establishing technical standards for cell phones that need to communicate with the District’s e-mail system. Currently, supported devices will be listed on the District’s website. AIS will annually review and add appropriate devices as they enter the marketplace. Devices that meet the following minimum standards will be added:

(1) ability to remotely wipe data

(2) ability to support administrative policies, including District passcode policy enforcement, and

(3) ability to securely transmit mail, calendar information, and contacts

Supported Devices as of 01/28/09:





Apple iPhone

3G or newer

3.0 or newer

AT&T Wireless


Any current model

4.5 or newer

Any provider – Blackberry Enterprise Server -Data Plan

Motorola, HTC Android OS smartphone Any

OS Version 2.1 or newer

Any provider

Questions – Please contact Steve Schultz, Technical Services Coordinator,

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