Employee Password RESET & INFORMATION

Employee passwords expired Tuesday, November 3, 2015. All employees are required change their passwords in order to access:

* NOTE: If you use wireless laptops/notebooks, smartphones or tablets, your email and Wi-Fi passwords must be changed on those devices as well -- you will lose Wi-Fi and email connectivity until you do so. If you intend to use the MCC Wi-Fi network with these devices, you must first change your password using a hard-wired or offsite computer. Connection information re: MCC Wi-Fi: https://cloudpath.miracosta.edu

General password reset instructions:

  1. Changing your Blackboard faculty student account: This uses the exact same process as your regular login (i.e., jdoe) but log in with this account's login ID (i.e., jdoe-student).

Instructions for different devices:

Connecting to MCC Wi-Fi: https://cloudpath.miracosta.edu

Changing Passwords Throughout the Year: You may change your password throughout the year, aside from the required biannual employee password resets in March and October. Instructions provided above on this page.

Changing Passwords for Other MCC Systems: