Diploma Requirements

Credit Requirements

160 high school credits which must include:

English 30
Science (including biological and physical sciences) 20
Mathematics 30
U.S. History 10
American Government 5
Economics 5
World History, Geography 10
Visual or Performing Arts or Foreign Language 10
Electives 40

*   Must include life and physical sciences.

** Students must complete 5 credits of Algebra Essentials, Geometry Essentials, Contemporary Mathematics 1, Contemporary Mathematics 2, or equivalent.

Residency Requirements

Any student planning to receive an Adult High School Diploma from MiraCosta College must complete 20 high school credits in residence, either in the Adult High School Diploma classes or in college credit classes.

Proficiency Requirements

In compliance with the state law, students must demonstrate competence in reading, writing, and mathematics skills. In order to assess the student's level of proficiency, a test will be administered to new students each term. If the student does not demonstrate a level of proficiency that meets the level required for graduation, he or she will receive remediation in the specific skill area(s) necessary. When the student masters the objectives of the area in which he/she is deficient, he/she will be determined to be proficient in that given area. Failure to meet the minimum levels of proficiency will result in a student's not being granted a high school diploma. Students whose official transcripts provide evidence of successful attainment of proficiency at other accredited schools will be considered to have met MiraCosta's competency requirement in all areas except reading. Students must demonstrate that they meet MiraCosta's reading competency requirement prior to graduation.