Career and Technical Education (CTE) Outcomes

Participants: Automotive Technology, Biotechnology, Business, Business Office Technology, Child Development, Computer Science, Computer Studies & Information Technology, Design, Horticulture and Hospitality, Kinesiology, Health & Nutrition, Media Arts & Technology, Nursing & Allied Health, and Recording Technology.

As of January 2012, CTE departments and programs have all course level outcomes in place. With the exception of courses not offered annually, all courses have been assessed and evaluated at least once, and in many cases multiple times. Each department has drafted program level outcomes and most have assessment methods in place for them.

The Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee (SLOAC) has ensured there is a natural progression from course level outcomes to program level outcomes, and that the program student learning outcomes align with CTE outcomes, derived from the college’s institutional outcomes, goals, and objectives.

CTE faculty embraced the outcomes and assessment process and after a full assessment cycle are realizing the fruits of their labor in terms of the benefits to their students and themselves. Adopting outcomes and assessment into the CTE culture at MiraCosta College resulted in healthy dialogue at the program, department, and institutional levels, promoting positive change in the classroom, and in some cases leading to program enhancement in response to our integrated program review process.

MCC CTE Mission Statement (March 2006)

Career and Technical Education prepares students for successful employment, life enrichment and future learning.

Career and Technical Education Outcomes

Technical Skills

Application of Discipline Skills

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Effective Communication

Professional Behavior

(Participants agreed that the initial list would summarize the key ideas, but that detailed definitions and specific wording would be deferred until later.)