WinSCP - SFTP Client for PC Windows

Transferring using WinSCP (PC)

To transfer files between your computer and the ART server using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) program, follow the steps outlined below:

If you haven't downloaded WinSCP, you can do so at the following URL:

Extract the winscp.exe application from the zip file and double-click it to open the application.

How to Connect with WinSCP (PC)

In the WinSCP Login properties dialog box, enter the following information:

WinSCP Login

Host name:

User name: Your SURF ID ex. W1234567

Password: •••••••• (same as your SURF password)

Select SFTP for the File Protocol. The following screen shot demonstrates typical options:

Click the Directories option in the left window pane.


In the Remote Directory field, enter your respective remote directory:

Click Login

Click Continue in the next screen.

Transferring Files

Once you connect, you will see a similar window with the listed folders respective to the Remote Directory you logon.


Drag and Drop your files - WinSCP supports drag and drop feature. You can select a file on the left pane, drag it, and drop it in your class folder located on the right pane. Also, you can select a file from anywhere in your hard drive and drag it to your class folder.