Update my Personal Information (email, phone, etc)

  1. At the SURF Login website, enter your SURF ID and Password. Click Sign In.
  2. At the top left click Main Menu > Self Service > Personal Information.
  3. In the Personal Information section, the following two items are non-updateable online: addresses and names; per the stated instructions, contact the Admissions and Records office via admissions@miracosta.edu or 760 795-6620. You must submit the Change of Information form to update your information.
  4. Click on phone numbers tab to edit your phone number(s).
  5. Click on email addresses tab to edit your email address(es), follow the listed instructions.
  6. The demographic information section cannot be updated.
  7. In the Security section, you may customized your user preferences.
  8. In the Participation section, you may view your Academic Honors and Awards if applicable.
  9. Use your browser to print the page.