Honors Courses and contracts

Fall 2016 Course Offerings

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Oceanside Campus

San Elijo Campus

Fall 2016 Honors Contract Offerings

The below is a list of Honors Contract eligible courses. Bolding indicates confirmed contract availability for a given section.

ANTH 101: Biological Anthropology - Lynne Miller, OC

BIO 210: Human Anatomy - Julie Haugsness-White and Raymond Clark, OC

CHEM 110: General Chemistry - Kent McCorkle, SEC

CHEM 111: General Chemistry - Kent McCorkle, SEC

LIBR 201: Research in the Digital Age - Steven Deineh, Online

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology - Thao Ha, OC

Honors Contracts are meant to enrich the experience of college students by facilitating greater student-faculty interaction and allowing students to pursue study beyond what is required of other students in the course. Honors Contracts may vary in format but allrequire regular meetings with the professorof the course andculminate in some tangible evidence of the student's additional effort. A student may use this option up to three times to satisfy the Honors Scholar Program completion requirements.

NOTE: Only full-time faculty are currently eligible to offer Honors Contracts for Fall 2016. Students, please consult with the Honors Office and your individual faculty members to find out if a contract is available for a given course.

Honors courses fulfill these requirements for General Education

IGETC Area 1B/CSU Area A3

IGETC Area 2/CSU Area B4

IGETC Area 3A/CSU Area C1

IGETC Area 3B/CSU Area C2

IGETC Area 4/CSU Area D

IGETC Area 5A/CSU Area B1

IGETC Area 5B/CSU Area B2

CSU U.S. History Constitution & American Ideals Requirement-Group 1: HIST 110H and HIST 111H (Fall 2011)


Complete descriptions of Honors courses are available for your reference.