International Student Admission

Concurrent Enrollment without SEVIS I-20 Transfer

If you are an international students studying at another school and would like to take a course at MiraCosta College without transferring your SEVIS I-20, please follow the steps below:


Provide a letter from your F-1 visa advisor giving you permission to concurrently enroll at MiraCosta College. Send letter to


Complete online enrollment form. You have already completed this step. When this application has been processed by MiraCosta Admissions and Records Department, you will receive an email with instructions on how to login to the Online Enrollment System named SURF.


Check the school catalog​ to find out if the class you want to take has a pre-requisite. You can ask your current school for information on how to determine pre-requisites. Contact the Admissions and Records Department for details. Complete the Pre-requisite Review Form and provide proof of pre-requisite completion. Prerequisite Review Forms must be submitted to the Admissions and Records:

For details on how to enroll for class at MiraCosta College, contact the Admissions and Records Department

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