Minors On Campus - Minors and The Law

This section includes the relevant Education Codes, Penal Codes and Board Policies that guide MiraCosta's policies and procedures as they relate to minors on campus.

Education Codes 76000-76002 are the guidelines for the community college district's Board of Trustees in the admission of minors to a community college.

Education Codes 48800-48802 are the guidelines for the school district's Board of Trustees (K-12) in determining which high school students may attend a community college.

Education Code 76031 addresses the procedures for removing a student from class or suspending a student. With regard to minors, this regulation includes a provision for contacting parents during disciplinary actions.

Penal Codes 11164-11174.3 establish the child abuse laws. These laws define:

All mandated reporters must receive and have knowledge of Penal Codes 11165.7, 11166, 11167 and 11172.

There are two MiraCosta College board policies that specifically address minors. They are the Admission To The College policy and the Field Trips policy.