CoCo Brown

Candidate CoCo Brown

Position Desired: President
Academic Major: Kinesiology & Health Science
Career Goals: My career goals are to receive an AA/AS in Kinesiology and Health Science from MiraCosta College and transfer to San Diego State University. There I will receive my Masters in Kinesiology and Bachelors of Science in Health Science. I currently acquire Certification in Kinesiology (Personal Trainer) within California. I am presently working towards the national exam to become a Certified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist/Practitioner throughout the United States.

Once at San Diego State University I will join the Navy ROTC to further my careers in the armed forces and build my own business. Additionally, continue and further my endeavors as a Promotional Director and Blogger for Ancient Muzik and RDG Clothing.

1.  What do you hope to accomplish for the students of MiraCosta College?

My hopes to accomplish for the students of MiraCosta College are to be their voice and let their voices be heard. The students’ voice says a lot about MiraCosta College and what the student gear towards and their voices need to be heard. I plan to make sure that the students are given a chance to work with other colleges. After attending General Assembly (GA) and California Community College Student Affairs Association (CCCSAA) I want to make it my duties to advocate for students. Furthermore, I have high hopes of making MiraCosta College a more diverse institution.

I am in hopes to help students of MiraCosta College know leaders of their institution and provide networking and leadership skills. This will ensure help the students and all their endeavors as future leaders. I want to provide more student involvements to better navigate towards the students of our institution. As a leader will do what I possibly can to address all student and faculty concerns, even if the concerns are simple such as bike racks. It’s a concern for bike riders to have a place to safety secure their bike without it being tampered with and or stolen.

2.  What high school, college, or community volunteer positions have you held?

Yes, I’ve always been a apart of volunteering for my school, church and community. Throughout Junior high and into high school I volunteered as a teacher’s aide for disabled students and k-5 grade level. I too was a part of the Planning Committee in high school in which we planned events, fund-raisers and dances. Also, I played a role in the Volunteering Committee of MiraCosta College.

I too volunteered for the Vp of Programming Oceanside of ASG in which I helped set up and break down College Hours. The City of Carlsbad and Recreation was one of my biggest leadership and volunteer roles. Wherein, I helped construct Christmas at the Ranch and Halloween for Kids closely with the Parks and Recreation Special Events coordinator.

3. What qualities do you possess that will make you a good leader?

The qualities that I possess that makes me a good leader is patience, being open-minded and listening. Being patient and willing to work with others to better help them succeed, gives myself and my fellow leaders a chance to improve themselves while understanding their roles as well as the roles of others. I am a firm believer in teamwork and working together to make progress wither within an individual, myself, community or school. Taking the initiative to partake in leadership opportunities also makes me good leader and helps to build leadership within leaders.

The willingness to grow and letting others take the lead has been one of my biggest qualities to learn because I am used to always doing all the work and wearing different hats. That I had to re-learn to let others play their role, hold others responsible of their roles and show my fellow leaders what I expect of them to do and how I can help navigate our leadership to a higher level. What also makes me a strong leader is that I prefer to address problems head on so there are no ongoing issue(s) or concern(s) that are not being addressed. I perform unity even at the hardest of uncertainty of times, while accomplishing goals and planning for future success.

One of my proudest moments as a leader is being a leader for my family. Wither it was taking care of fourteen to sixteen people in one house hold, being homeless twice but continuing to work multiple jobs and attend school. Showing my family what a leader is makes me a better leader. My mother is disabled and blind but I continuously help her in her school studies and in every day duties.

4. Do you have prior student leadership experience?  If so, please explain.

Yes, I do have prior leadership experience. I am an alumni to the Summer Bridge Program and Emerging Leaders Institute which helped facilitate and mold my student leadership and personal leadership roles. I held the position as the Secretary and Promotional Director for the Black Student Union and Secretary position for the Latina Leadership Network of MiraCosta College. Yearly Encuentros hosts their yearly Encuentros Conference and for two years I have used my leadership role and volunteer for the conference.

One of my very interesting leadership roles was being a part of the United Black Student Conference (UBSC). I was one of the key members in planning the conference as well as being the secretary and leader of my workshop entitled “Leadership”. As a leader I took the desire and goal involving myself in other leadership roles such as the Associated Student Government (ASG). I began my leadership role within ASG as a Senator, and then the following year I became what I currently hold to date; as the Inter-Club Council Chair. As the Inter-Club Council Chair, I overlook all clubs and organizations on the MiraCosta College campus. More so, in my position I helped club members better construct their clubs and understand their titles.

Being with ASG has given me room to grow as a person and leader and too has opened doors to where I could freely express myself. I worked closely with Foundation Development Officer Cynthia Rice in accordance with Presidents Circle. I too opened and presented on behalf of ICC and ASG at All College Day.