chris chien - vice president of the san elijo campus

Picture of Chris Chien

Academic Major: Economics of Earth Science

Career Goals: Teacher or writer.

1. What do you hope to accomplish for the students of MiraCosta College?

Create a cohesive and curious culture for MiraCosta in the likes of a small liberal arts college, in a sense, making MiraCosta an incubator for big ideas and thoughtful discussion and not just a place for a drive-through education.

2. What high school, college, or community volunteer positions have you held?

Project leader in the marketing division of the Nest Cafe at Canyon Crest Academy. Teacher assistant at After School Learning Tree. Administration volunteer at SD Ice Arena.

3. What qualities do you possess that will make you a good leader?

I am well organized, charismatic, and creative. I ponder on my thoughts before I act on them and consult with my peers before making any decisions. I also speak softly and carry a big stick, a trait that Theodore Roosevelt would surely appreciate.

4. Do you have any prior student leadership experience? If so, please explain.

I was the project leader of the marketing division at CCA's Nest Cafe. I coordinated with the other divisions of the cafe and made sure my team met the advertising needs of the cafe. I was responsible for delegating tasks to my teammates and coming up with creative marketing schemes.