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Interested in making a difference while you are here at MiraCosta?  Consider running for an office in the Associated tudent Government.  There are five elected officer positions including President, Student Trustee, Executive Vice President, Vice President of the San Elijo Campus, and Vice President of the Community Learning Center.  Benfits include:

To join ASG, students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 minimum GPA and 5 units (except summer semester) and be free of all official college academic and disciplinary restrictions.

Personal Information

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Position you are applying for:

Click on the appropriate office to read the job duties for each respective position (see highlighted portion of the document that opens).

Candidate Questions

What do you hope to accomplish for the students of MiraCosta College?

What qualities do you possess that will make you a good leader for the students of MiraCosta College?

Describe your previous leadership and/or volunteer experience.

What is your major or educational goal?

Please attach a biography and portrait photo to be used for publication materials.

Candidate Orientation

Candidates must attend one of the mandatory candidate’s orientations. Please check the one orientation you plan to attend:

Candidate Debate

Candidates are invited to participate in candidate forums hosted by the 2015-2016 Election Commission.  Please check all of the forum dates you are able to attend:

Personal Statement of Eligibility

The following are the requirements to run for an elected position in the Associated Student Government:

- Must have and maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 at MiraCosta College.
- Must have and maintain five (5) MiraCosta College credit units (not required in summer semester).
- Must be free of all official college academic and disciplinary restrictions.
- Must follow established campaign procedures.
- Must limit candidacy to one office.
- Must attend one of the mandatory Candidate's Orientation meetings.
- Must sign and return the Election Bylaws Acknowledgement Statement prior to campaigning.

I hereby attest to the fact that I understand the requirements to run for an elected position in the Associated Student Government.  I authorize the ASG Advisor to forward my application to the ASG Election Commission for the purpose of candidacy for office. 

Release of Information

If appointed to office, I authorize the ASG Advisor to release my name and contact information to the public for business purposes only.  This may include organizational contact lists, district committee web sites, and queries by the press or any activity that is related to the execution of my duties as a member of the Associated Student Government.

Information True and Correct

I attest that the information submitted in this application is true and correct.  I further understand that the willful submission of false information could result in disqualification from running for office and/or disciplinary action under the MiraCosta College Student Code of Conduct.

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