AB 705 and MiraCosta

Assembly Bill (AB) 705 is a bill signed by the Governor that requires California Community Colleges to maximize the probability that students will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and math within a one-year timeframe. AB 705 requires that colleges use one or more of the following measures for placement into English and math courses:

AB 705 gives students the right to access and enroll in transfer-level or transfer-level with co-requisite support courses in math and English.

MiraCosta College uses high school information (Multiple Measures) collected through CCCApply to automatically give placement into transfer-level or transfer-level with corequisite support courses in math and English.

Students who have not received placement through the application process can fill out a Multiple Measures Update form or provide the Testing Office with a copy of their official or unofficial high school transcript in order to complete the placement process. See below for more details.

Automated Placement at MiraCosta

If you have graduated high school (or intend to graduate in the next year), the MiraCosta application through CCCApply will prompt you to provide your high school GPA, coursework, and grades. This information will be used to provide an automated placement for math and English. If you provided this information on the application, you will receive an email shortly after your application has been processed with your placement information. This email is also accessible through the Message Center located within your Student Center in SURF. Please note, transcripts may be requested for verification purposes.

Submitting HS information for Placement

If you did not provide your high school transcript information through the MiraCosta application, you may submit it directly to Testing Services. Please submit your high school transcript (official or unofficial) to Testing Services via email (testing@miracosta.edu) or in-person at one of our three campus locations.

If you do not have access to your high school transcript, you may fill out a Multiple Measures Self-Report Update Form and submit to Testing Services. Please ensure that the form is completely filled out in order to receive placement. Forms may be submited to Testing Services via email (testing@miracosta.edu) or in-person at one of our three campus locations.

More Information on AB 705

Please visit the the following websites for more information about AB 705:

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Call Testing Services at 760.795.6685 for more information