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Student Voice - Faith Trammell

Faith TrammellFaith has lived in Oceanside her whole life, growing up in a military family and very active in performing arts. After some career exploration, she realized a strong call to explore the deep oceans and set her career goal to be a chemical oceanographer.

Faith noticed how Japan provides opportunities for her in her chosen field. “Japan alone has contributed” about one fifth of Oceanographic data, “advancing the understanding of our oceans and their endless uses to aid societal development. The biodiversity of marine life surrounding Japan and how it got there provides multitudes of opportunity in the study of blooming ecology and ocean movement”.  Consequently, there are more Japanese government-funded job opportunities and technologies for chemical oceanographers than available through private entities in the United States. She hopes to work in Japan some day.

Towards this goal, Faith is working on her GE requirements at MiraCosta, and to transfer to a four-year university with a strong oceanography program. She also started taking Japanese classes to prepare for the opportunities in Japan.