Why We Work at MiraCosta College


The MiraCosta Community College District Mission is to provide educational opportunities and student-support services to a diverse population of leaners with a focus on their success. MiraCosta offers associate degrees, university-transfer courses, career-and-technical education, certificate programs, basic-skills education, and lifelong-learning opportunities that strengthen the economic, cultural, social, and educational well-being of the communities it serves.


"MiraCosta College’s long tradition of collegial governance is reflected in the vision statementand it plays out in practice every day at the college."

 Dick Robertson, Vice President of Student Services


MiraCosta College Values

Excellence in Teaching


"With teaching excellence at compass point north, student learning falls into place. We walk into our classrooms with conviction and compassion. Teaching and learning radiate from the core."

Dana Smith, Dean, San Elijo Campus; Letters & Communication Studies

Collegiality and Shared Governance

"One of the great strengths of the college is that when hard tasks are to be undertaken, our culture is to gather people who will not only be doing the task but will be impacted by it. Everyone here respects this and that’s the wonderful part."

Brent Pickett, MiraCosta College Math Instructor

Technology Leadership

"MiraCosta College approaches the use of advanced technology from a systemic perspective so that everyone benefits, and we have the resources to refresh that technology at regular intervals. That’s pretty extraordinary within higher education."

 Mario Valente, Dean of Academic Information Services

Positive Working/Learning Environment


"MiraCosta College has an extremely supportive working and learning environment, where personal and professional growth is highly encouraged. You can’t help but feel a certain sense of pride when you’re part of the MiraCosta College family."

 Melanie Haynie, International Office Student Services Coordinator

Effectiveness, Efficiency and Accountability


"Most organizations and/or individuals abhor change. But here at MiraCosta College I find that staff, faculty and administrators are constantly looking for ways to improve our instruction, programs and services."

Gilbert Hermosillo, Dean of Admissions and Student Support

Career Preparation and Economic Development

"Many U.S. presidents have recognized that small businesses are the engine that drives the economy. MiraCosta College is a leader in regional economic development and through its North San Diego Small Business Development Center provides some of the fuel that helps run this engine."

 Sudershan Shaunak, Director of MiraCosta’s North San Diego Small Business Development Center

A Climate That Promotes Diversity

"MiraCosta College supports its diverse student population by providing a venue where they can organize and form clubs of various interests and backgrounds.  Students, faculty, and staff collaborate on activities that showcase our multiculturalism throughout the year. It makes for a colorful environment to work and learn."

Hilda Gomez, MiraCosta College Counselor

Service to Our Community


"Each year, more than 1,000 MiraCosta College students are actively involved in the community. Through public service, they grow academically, personally, and civically. And many discover that connecting college and community provides the educational experience of a lifetime."
Carol Wilkinson, Service Learning Coordinator

Beautiful, Welcoming Campuses

"Our priority is to have aesthetically pleasing areas throughout campus and to make it a beautiful environment, a setting where students and staff can enjoy the grounds and relax in nice areas. We like to see people sitting on the grass, studying, eating and enjoying the overall environment of MiraCosta."

Ralph Pickering, Grounds Supervisor

Innovation and Ability to Change

"I have been working here for nearly two decades and have no plan to go any where! I have been presented with great opportunities to be innovative and have received great support from all levels up to the Office of the President.  MiraCosta College is very open to changes and embraces new ideas."

Abdy A. Afzali, Iinstructional Computing Coordinator