Local award

Leon Baradat Service Award

Application package deadline: Spring Break

Description: The Leon Baradat Service Award, established in 2017, is conferred annually upon faculty from MiraCosta. Named for former political science faculty member, founder and president of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, this award honors outstanding MiraCosta faculty, as an individual or a group, who have demonstrated excellence beyond the classroom in fostering engagement and creating a positive and inclusive campus climate. Leon was a faculty member in political science at MiraCosta from 1970 to 2003 who was committed to the practice of collegiality, both large scale and small.

Award: Recipients of the Baradat Award receive a plaque and a cash award between $200 and $600, with $600 distributed annually among an individual associate faculty, individual full-time faculty, and/or a faculty team, depending on applicants.Winners are announced at the Spring Celebration of Excellence in May.

Criteria: Winning individuals or groups will provide evidence of their impact at MiraCosta in the following areas:

Link to Rubric (coming soon)

Process: A complete nomination package has two parts: a self-nomination and a statement of support for the nominee. The nomination process may be initiated by the nominee themselves or by a colleague who submits a statement of support for the nominee. A faculty member who self-nominates will need to request a statement of support from a colleague to create a complete application package. A faculty member who received a statement of support will need to complete a self-nomination submission to create a complete application package.

Both components of the application package will describe the nominee’s (or group’s) impact in the criteria areas listed above. Nomination packages will be reviewed and assessed blindly by the Awards Committee using the above assessment rubric.

Winners are announced at each annual Spring Celebration of Excellence.