Faculty Support

Faculty interested in OER and/or ZTC course materials are encouraged to first discuss their interest with colleagues. You may discover that someone in your department is already using OER and/or has at least investigated some options. OER users are sharers! If you haven't already done so, check the disciplinary OER/ZTC page on this site to see if your department has any information there; even if you don't find anything, check with a colleague or the department chair. You may also want to check with a librarian to learn about ZTC materials for your discipline (see below for more info on this).

Faculty who are just starting their OER search are at the right place! Use the links in the menu at left to find some great resources to begin. If you would like further guidance, contact Jim Julius, Faculty Director of Online Education. Note that the Academic Senate of MiraCosta College passed a resolution in support of Open Educational Resources in 2016 and a clarification of ZTC and new designation for Low Textbook Cost (LTC) classes in 2018.

Faculty who have identified OER and are now thinking about course redesign as they replace a textbook, are trying to re-create supplemental materials they used to get from a publisher, or otherwise are trying to take significant steps to incorporate OER and ZTC materials into their classes may benefit from instructional design support. Contact Jim Julius, Faculty Director of Online Education, to learn more about options for support.

MiraCosta Library Resources for ZTC Materials

MiraCosta's library includes access to digital resources such as academic journals on par with many universities. You can add links to most library resources that work seamlessly from Canvas. Some places to start:

Videos from MiraCosta OER Flex Day, January 2018

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Open Online "Courses" about OER for Faculty

Faculty Showcase

Watch this space for information from faculty about their journeys into Open Education.