The mission of the MiraCosta Dance department is to create artistic and academic excellence by engaging our students in a diversity of dance techniques, choreography, performance and scholarly practices. We foster student engagement through creative and critical thinking and value artistic exploration enriching the individual, classroom and community.

Students may take courses to prepare for a dance major to transfer to a four-year institution, to earn an A.A. degree in dance, or to meet general education requirements. Performance opportunities are available to both majors and non-majors.

Career options include professional performance or choreography; dance studio or company management; child development; dance therapy; movement analysis; dance ethnology; dance criticism; dance science; academic research; and teaching.

Physical Frequencies

The MiraCosta Dance program charges onto the stage as student choreographers unveil a night of powerful dance. Come support these young choreographers as they paint the stage with thought provoking, entertaining, and energetic performances.​

Dance Break 2016

MiraCosta’s Dance Arts Ensemble leaps into action to celebrate the diversity of our rich dance heritage. This exciting performance of modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, ballroom and world dance genres features both traditional and contemporary dance styles with innovative new works by MiraCosta’s dance faculty. You won’t want to miss this inspiring dance celebration!​

Studio Hour

An informal presentation by students in MiraCosta’s dance classes, showcasing ballet, jazz, modern, tap, ballroom,
hip hop, and world dance forms.

Contact Information

Department Chair: Trisha Hanada-Rogers
Office: Oceanside, Room 5105
P 760-757-2121 x6526

Dean: Jonathan Fohrman
Office: Oceanside, Building 4700
P 760-795-6818

Department: Dance

Administrative Secretary: Toni Sharp
Office: Oceanside, Building 4700
P 760-795-6844

Instructional Secretary: Leslie Kamps
Office: Oceanside, Building 2000
P 760-795-6816

Full-Time Faculty

Dave Massey
Office: Oceanside, Room 5105
P 760.757.2121 x 6302

Trisha Hanada-Rogers
Office: Oceanside, Room 5105
P 760.757.2121 x 6526
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