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At MiraCosta College, we are committed to student success. That's why free programs like the Bridge to Success in Math 64 Program are so beneficial for students who need to brush up on their Intermediate Algebra/Algebra 2 math skills. We understand that some students' math educational experience may not have prepared them to succeed at college-level math courses. Many students arrive at MiraCosta College and discover that they must take several pre-transfer math classes before they are able to enroll in college-level math courses. The Bridge to Success in Math Program provides enrichment instruction in mathematics for students who are enrolled at MiraCosta College.

This program is designed to improve math proficiency for students placed into Math 64 or with recent history of taking an intermediate algebra level math course. Students who successfully complete the program will retake the Math Assessment and have a high probability of improving their math course placement so that they can enroll in the next transfer - level math course or meet math competency for an Associates Degree. Best of all, this program is free!! Completion of this program does not grant college credit. It does provide a great opportunity for students to refresh their intermediate algebra math skills and increase their likelihood of placing into a higher level math class. If you are a student who has not completed a math course for a period of time, or just need some review after taking the math assessment, sign up for this week-long program. This program is offered free of charge to students and all materials are provided.

Bridge to Success in Math 64: January 3-11, 2019

Registration Sessions

Please note, attendance at one of the Registration Sessions is mandatory for this program. Please call 760-795-6685 with questions or to sign up for a Registration Session.

January 2019 Session

Orientation and Math Anxiety Workshop


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Bridge to Success in Math Program Participants, instructor Leila Safaralian and Instructional Aides

This free program is brought to you by funding through the Student Success and Support Program. MiraCosta College Math Faculty Member Leila Safaralian is the Coordinator and Instructor of the Bridge to Success in Math 64 Program..

Contact her at 760-757-2121 ext. 6304 or

Leila Safaralian