A Collection of GIFTs

Great Ideas for Teaching

A Collection of GIFTs is a biannual newsletter of best teaching practices developed by MiraCosta's own. It is a collaborative effort of MiraCosta's Writing Center and Teaching Academy.

You may download the collection in part or whole. All downloads are in PDF format.

Collection Articles
Fall 2014 Collection 14.1

In This Issue...
Denise Stephenson, Editor

  14.2 Low Stakes Writing Assignments Work!
Supplement: Assignment Example
Julie Vignato
  14.3 Time for Jeopardy!
Susan T. Roberts
  14.4 Divide and Conquer
Nery Chapeton-Lamas
  14.5 Using Archives as a Means to Enhance Lectures
Rick Cassoni


Submissions are always welcome. There is rolling on-line publication and print distribution following FLEX week. What we look for:

Describe something that worked well in your classroom:

Please submit work to M/S 9 or dstephenson@miracosta.edu