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Welcome to the New Online Writing Center

We hope you’ll join us to work in our new online space. As before, you can drop-in, work on your writing, ask for feedback when you’re ready, socialize a little with others, and get those papers written for your classes. We know it won’t be easy doing this from home, but writing is rarely easy. And we’re here for you. Just like always. But see below, we’re open even more hours.

Consultants and coaches will all be available to provide feedback and speech support. Coaches will also be able to help with our grammar, reading, and scholarship and transfer services. It’s all online now. Oh, and if you prefer sending your paper and getting video feedback like we’ve offered for years, that’s available too.

If online isn’t your normal scene, select Discover Live Online WC for more information about how it all works. Or, if you’re ready now with a webcam and microphone (often built into computers), just click here.

Have a question about anything Writing Center-related? Call us! (760) 795-6861.

Summer 2020 Live Online Hours

Make 1-1 Zoom appointments with a writing coach to:

Appointments available all 7 days of the week. Make an appointment now.

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